About Us

Located in the shelter of Glengarriff Harbour in Bantry Bay and warmed by the waters of the Gulf Stream, this island and its unique gardens enjoys a climate that is almost sub-tropical, making it possible for beautiful ornamental plants from many parts of the world to flourish. This gardening gem, set in the clear, clean waters of the bay is known to horticulturists all over the world and was featured recently in BBC Television’s ‘The Flying Gardener’ series.

And who created this garden heaven? Well, the 15 hectare island was bought by Annan Bryce in 1910. He intended to build a mansion as well as lay out extensive gardens on the island which, at that time, was as bare and exposed as the mountains of the nearby mainland are now. Rocks had to be blasted and shelter-belts of conifers planted all round the island in preparation for work on the grand design to begin.